Adult Discipleship on Wednesdays

Fall adult discipleship tracks will take place on Wednesday nights, and run in conjunction with our NFKids Wednesday Night activities. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

Jordan River Rules

Our lives are a series of transitions and stages, that bring what may seem to be insurmountable challenges. No matter our age, or circumstances we can become dismayed.What seems simple to one parallelizes another. The Israelites and Joshua faced challenges at the Jordan River. Moses was dead, they had wondered in the wilderness for 40 years.Now God tells them how to finally move forward. When we reach a stage of life that has us frozen in place and parallelized by fear, weakness, and discouragement, we can learn from Joshua chapter 1 – 6 how God can overcome the darkness in our life, and we can move forward to the joy and promises God has prepared for us.

Group led by Doug Milliken

Discipleship Women's Group

Through this group, we will share life together, read the Bible, and learn what it means to be a disciple who makes disciple-makers. We will also be reading through Growing Up by Robby Gallaty. Our Bible Reading will be through the NEW Testament using a Five day a week reading plan.

Group led by Emily VanZee

Guys Group

Come join a group of men pursuing Christ in their daily lives. We will examine the scriptures and how they pertain to our lives with a focus on Biblical manhood. This works may seem impossible for a man to navigate. It may seem as though everyone has lost their minds, including you. God’s Word had answers. Come explore with us.

Group led by Jacob Mudd

Registration is now open for Adult Discipleship on Wednesday Nights